Monday, July 1, 2013

Research Questions

Comment your research questions that you have found out and is interested to do.


  1. Topic: The Brains Behind " Wheres Waldo "
    Summary: What makes you notice someone in a crowd? Why do some things stand out, while others melt into the background? In this science project you can investigate the psychology of how things get noticed, by studying how our brains perform a visual search.
    Objective: Test if changing the number of distracters will affect the ability of an observer to find a certain target during a visual search.

  2. Chemistry of Ice-Cream Making: Lowering the Freezing Point of Water

    Have you ever made your own ice cream? If you have, you probably surrounded the ice cream container with ice and rock salt to get the mixture cold enough to freeze. But why does that work? How does adding salt (or other substances) affect the freezing point of water? Find out with this ice-cold science project.


  3. Topic : Rainbow Fire

    Abstract : Astronomers can determine the atomic composition of distant stars by measuring the spectrum of light emitted by the star. In this project you can do something similar by observing the color of flames when various chemicals are burned.

    Objective : The goal of this project is to investigate the colors produced when different chemicals are burned.

  4. Topic : The Chemistry of Hair Highlights


    Have you ever tried to make parts of your hair lighter than the rest of your hair? Perhaps the way you tried to do it did not lighten it or maybe it turned out a weird orange color? With this science project you can understand why.

    The goal of this project is to investigate how hydrogen-peroxide based hair treatments change the color of human hair.